Maine GOP Files Ethics Complaint Against Progressive Kick PAC

AUGUSTA- The Maine GOP filed a complaint with the Maine Ethics Commission against Progressive Kick Political Action Committee this past Wednesday, October 12th.  Maine GOP Executive Director Jason Savage issued the following statement on the complaint, “Essentially, this PAC was formed for the singular purpose of electing Jonathan Fulford. As a group trying to influence a state election, an Independent Expenditure Report (IE) must be filed for every expense after reaching a $250 threshold.

Progressive Kick PAC has already spent over $10,000 on this race but they have yet to file a single Independent Expenditure Report.

Progressive Kick is well out of compliance and we would like them held accountable.”

Does Progressive Kick mean to tell Maine voters that they have spent ten thousand dollars and none of it has been used to influence the Fulford campaign, although that is the only campaign they are registered to support? Examine their ethics filings for yourself:

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