Eves is NOT the issue …

I am disappointed that some have chosen to attack the integrity of House Speaker Mark Eves on the issue of Maine Care expansion instead of simply seeking to defeat the issue based on the actual, factual details.

Maine has a citizen Legislature.  As such, it would be almost impossible to ever pass a bill of any financial consequence if we sought the recusal of every Legislator who could possibly or potentially be effected by its passage.

Speaker Eves, as you may know, works for Sweetser, a mental health provider who is dependent upon Medicaid and Medicare funding, when he is not serving in the Legislature.  As you may also know, the Maine Legislature is not a full-time job, although I am certain many Legislators may disagree with that idea.

The issue is NOT Eves.  The issue is the expansion of Medicaid (Maine Care) in Maine.  The expansion is not good for Maine’s long-term prosperity and it is definitely not good for the budget of Maine’s government.

Despite protest to the contrary, there is a significant cost to be born by Maine taxpayers if the expansion of Maine Care is carried out.

Attacking Eves’ integrity on this issue is a side show, a distraction from the details of a very real issue with very real consequences for Maine’s future prosperity.  To pressure Eves to step aside on this issue would be the same as asking every teacher who serves in the Maine Legislature to recuse themselves when considering education funding.  The same can be said about pharmacists, those who work in road construction and so on.

At some point, every member of the Legislature who works would likely have to step aside on an issue.  That simply is not practical nor is it necessary.

Eves is not the issue.  The expansion of Maine Care is the issue.  It should be defeated on the facts, not on personal attacks that call into question the integrity of a fine man who is simply misguided on the issue.

The reason Maine people and people across America turn such a blind eye to the American political system is not because they do not care about the future of their state and our country.  They turn away because they are sick of stunts that distract from the actual issue.

To those who are attacking Eves’ integrity, I say you should apologize.  If you want to defeat this issue and you should, you must do it based on the facts of the matter.  The facts alone, if they were fully known by Maine people, would cause the expansion of Maine Care, in its current offering, to go down to defeat.

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