Even in attempting to appear positive, Gattine takes a shot at DHHS …

Drew just can’t help himself – politics brings out the worst in this very good guy – Ray


Gattine on DHHS announcement of expanded funding to combat the drug crisis


AUGUSTA – Representative Drew Gattine, D-Westbrook, House chair of the Health and Human Services Committee during the 127th Legislature, issued the following statement regarding the Department of Health and Human Services announcement of expanded Medication-Assisted Treatment services to combat Maine’s drug crisis.

“This is an important first step that will provide life-saving treatment to Mainers struggling to overcome this terrible disease,” said Gattine. “It’s surprising, given the Department’s history of reducing services and fighting against legislative attempts to expand access, so I hope this signals a change of heart and renewed openness to increasing availability of treatment. Maine has a severe lack of treatment capacity statewide, especially in rural areas, so we need to be aggressive and take advantage of every opportunity possible to expand capacity. A Mainer dies every day from drug overdose, and there are thousands who need treatment but can’t get it. I remain eager to partner with the administration in working to provide adequate care for our state’s families. I hope this is a sign of a new willingness to work with providers and legislators on combating the still-worsening drug crisis.”

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