Almost 2,000 emails this morning (1,974) ….

Almost 2,000 emails this morning (1,974)

Lots of questions about my comments on the news last night and today’s show

Simply cannot reply to everyone so I will post the most frequent questions based on a scan of the emails here

1) Did you really think Chris Wallace was awful as moderator?

Yes, at first I did. He seemed to have no control over Hillary Clinton and let her speak over him several times in the first half hour.

I will say I think he found his footing so to speak, around the half way mark and ended up overall doing a pretty nice job.

At the first half hour, I would have given him a D

Based on the whole performance, I give him a B

2) Did you actually say Hillary Clinton in is the worst person in America on television interview?

Yes and No – I said she is the worst person in America who is currently not in jail.

3) Do you really think there is voter fraud in America?

Yes, i know it exists. It is kind of like the drug problem in schools. They hope if nobody talks about it, no one will realize it is true

When George W won in 2000 and 2004, Democrats hollered voter fraud in Florida and Ohio (I re-looked up the stories in the papers online yesterday)

Suddenly, when Obama wins in 08 and 12, there is no voter fraud.

It is a joke. We have elected people in this country energetically advocating for illegals to vote

We have massive amounts of dead people still registered to vote and we think showing a photo ID is somehow a racist act.

It is sick. One fraudulent vote disenfranchises one citizen. 100 fraudulent votes disenfrachises 100 citizens. The citizens are having their votes cancelled out by the fraudulent voters.

For the liberals to holler about every vote counts, they sure seem comfortable with disenfranchising actual citizens

4) What will you do on November 9th if Hillary wins on November 8th?

I will show up for work at 6AM and do what I do every day. I am an American first.

If Hillary wins, our country loses, but I will not let that woman hurt my family, so I will just work harder and work longer. I assume that is what everyone else will do.

5) Do you really believe the media is making up a story that is a non-story about Trump accepting the election?

Yes, it is a joke. They are just trying to create a narrative that simply does not matter.

If Trump loses and I am not convinced he will, so what if he does not accept the results. If she wins, she wins

He can hold his breath and stomp his feet, but if she wins without any controversy like 2000, then what Trump says or does at that point does not matter. She wins … she does not need him to concede for her to accept victory.

It is a stupid, shiny object media story that is not real and has no relevance to anything that matters

6) What about the media?

Frankly, if the media continues on the path it is on, I think we should take a look at the First Amendment with regard to freedom of the press.

The media in America is granted wide privilege and is largely not held accountable for its actions. We exonerate them in libel cases because that standard is so high because we want the media to have a broad range to pursue the facts.

That privilege was granted in our Constitution so that our media could play a pivotal role in holding the government accountable for its actions.

Thomas Jefferson knew that a strong media (the fourth estate) was necessary to help keep government from running amok.

That is not the case now. The New York Times, as an example, openly said they were playing favorites with Hilllary Clinton because they felt Trump was too dangerous

They have used their platform, granted by our First Amendment, to attack, attack, attack Donald Trump, day after day while ignoring the brewing scandals with Hilllary Clinton.

That was not the intent of the First Amendment freedom of the press guarantee.

That freedom and privilege comes with a responsibility.

If the media in America is going to abdicate their responsibility, then their privilege needs to be reigned in.

It is not the role of the media, who is granted special privileges and protections by the government not enjoyed by average citizens or businesses, to pick winners and losers.

It is the role of the media to pursue truth, provide facts, absent bias or malice and then let us decide.

The mainstream media, in all its various entities, no longer does this.

Enough for now, please keep sending questions

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