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Over the last ten years, Ray has welcomed in the new morning on News/Talk WLOB radio, first co-hosting the Ray & Ted show for seven years and then hosting The Ray Richardson Show for the last three years.

News/Talk WLOB has always been the flagship station.  In 2013, the LOB Lobster Radio Network was created, adding morning partners such as 1450AM, 780AM, 1160AM and 1430AM.

Additionally, after offering audio streaming for the last five years, 2013 also saw the inclusion of a separate video stream.  This has given The Ray Richardson Show not only audio streaming throughout all fifty states, but also a video stream in all fifty states.  The Ray Richardson Show saw its national streaming audience grow 22% in 2013.

For over a decade, Ray also authored a weekly newspaper column for several weekly newspapers and a daily, the Portland Daily Sun.

Ray’s first book, “It Might Just Be Me, But I Don’t Think So!” sold out both the first and second editions.

Ray is a former Chamber of Commerce President, former Chairman of the Westbrook Republican Party and helped establish the Mission Possible Teen Center (now My Place Teen Center) which serves the needs of at-risk youth.  Ray also produces several music festivals, created the annual Maine Barbecue Showdown with the Battle of the Bands, one of Maine’s most popular barbecue and music events, as well as the annual Portland Lobster Festival.

Ray lives in Westbrook with his wife of 28 years, Dee Dee Grizzard Richardson.  They have four children and a little dog who believes he is their fifth child.

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About Ray Richardson — 5 Comments

  1. Dear Ray,

    My name is Charles Steed. I’m the author of a book titled Dark Persuasion Techniques – The Psychology Of Manipulation. I’ve recently tuned into your broadcast, the Ray Richardson Show and believe I would make an excellent guest, providing your listeners with an informative and entertaining show.

    Proposed Topic: How To Insulate Yourself & Family From Institutions & Individuals Looking To Exploit You To Their Advantage.

    People aren’t always able to identify it, but more and more they intuitively feel many things in their lives are not as they appear. They’re working harder and enjoying life less. They’re watching as promise after promise is broken by people and institutions they’ve trusted for years. From subtle lies to outright deception, people are becoming victims of tricks they’ve never imagined existed.

    As a guest on your show I would go into details manipulators use, including but not limited to the following:

    • The subtle and blatant use of emotionally charged words designed to intimidate and persuade.
    • Exploiting Predictable Patterns. A favorite tactic used by the unscrupulous that allows them to take advantage of people during certain vulnerable times in their lives.
    • Using fear, guilt, shame and other toxic emotions to place people off balance while the manipulator delivers his devious pitch.
    • How to identify advertising tactics that employ tricks such as apples to orange comparisons, lies by omission, the subtle use of envy and outright manufactured fear.
    • Identifying various personality types most susceptible to exploitation.

    I have years of experience as a guest on talk radio and can assure you that our time spent together will benefit your listeners. I’d be happy to provide you with an electronic copy of Dark Persuasion Techniques. My media kit is available on http://charlessteed.com/?page_id=78. If you have questions you can contact me via my Website, email, or phone at 360-482-2510 (Pacific Time).

    Charles Steed

  2. Dear Ray

    I always appreciate your views and was particularly moved by your story about Dee Dee’s pregnancy with Elizabeth.

    You are a great teacher in that you provoke me to think.

    Thank you,


    • Holly,

      Thank you for the kind note. It is my hope each day to provoke thought, not get people to agree with me. I am glad you get that.

      The story of Dee Dee and Elizabeth is very emotional, as you may imagine, but I think it is an important one to tell.

      Thank you again for the kind note.

      Kind regards,

  3. The socialists tell us we are to malign the successful and believe that nothing is better than anything else, then success is unjust. Therefore, the only result of socialist governance is mediocrity, failure and poverty. The president seems to think that he is the sole arbiter of what is fair. In reality he uses the concept of fairness as a devicive tool.
    If life were fair, I would paint like Picaso and play like Yoyo Ma. Thank God for the successful and the extraordinary. I am neither.

  4. HELL-thcare.gov

    Ray, I need to apologize upfront for the length of this email but I need to relay this to someone who will understand and has a large platform. Maybe you can get someone to listen…

    I’ll be losing my job at the end of this month. I have full intention of moving to a new position soon but in the meantime given I have nothing lined up and will be losing healthcare as well we have opted as a stop gap to attempt (I stress attempt) to sign up for coverage thru Healthcare.gov. It has been three days and 8 hours total time on the phone with 7 separate people and I still am not enrolled (deadline is 2/15 to get coverage by 3/1).
    1.) Mon 2/10 Applied online – after a lengthy application process the end result was a “Sorry are system is experiencing trouble please try again later or call 800-xxx-xxxx.” I waited and attempted three more times online to no avail.
    2.) Mon 2/1 – I called the 800#. I spoke to a nice but not very knowledgable man. He also got the error message when he attempted to push my application thru. He stated best thing to do was to restart the application process and he would walk me thru it. By the end of that process we received the same error message. He said some times it takes 2-24 hours to clear the message so try it online later with the new application# he provided. Several attempts later no luck.
    3.) Tue 2/11 – I called the 800# again and spoke to a nice much more knowledgeable man and he seemed to think the error message was due to the fact that I included our son Zachary on the application and because he lives with us but files his own return and is not a dependent of ours he needs to apply separately. He said a new application would need to be created for just Nancy and I. (Big sigh from me). We created a new application and we got passed the error message. Relief! He said give it 2-24 hours before seeing your eligibility and enrolling in a plan. Several hours later I went into review the eligibility and got a different error code telling me to call the #800.
    4.) Wed 2/11 – I called the 800# and a nice sort of knowledgeable woman said the only way passed the error code was to create ANOTHER application. (Very big sigh, with some grumbling). Fine, we started the process again but this time she told me absolutely we could include Zach on our plan and she didn’t have any idea what the other man was talking about. Fast forward to original error message on completing new application. She told me I would need to call back later to see if it cleared and there was nothing more she could do.
    5.) Wed 2/12 – Called the 800# got a nice knowledgeable woman who said that in fact we under no circumstances could have Zach on our plan for reasons previously stated but that she could get us thru to viewing our plans without having to do another application. She talked Nancy and I thru our options for us and for Zach and we selected accordingly. She said now go online and you can complete the enrollment (red flairs in my head went off but I ignored them). We hung up went online and could not get to the enrollment phase due to, you guessed it, a new error message.
    6.) Wed 2/12 – Called and spoke to another nice woman who stated she could see neither our application nor any plans selected for either Zach or I and had no idea how the previous woman got us to the point of selecting plans with Zach still on the application. After much hand wringing and gnashing of teeth our only alternative was to create ANOTHER application (big sigh, lots of grumbling and a few choice words for the nice woman). She understood my frustration but would definitely take care of this. After a very long process of her working thru issues we got to the eligibility stage and even to the selecting of plans. All she needed was to click the final button “Confirm” and we would be enrolled…..new error message. 1 hour later no resolution. She was very, very sorry but didn’t know what else to do. “I’ll call back” says an exhausted I…
    7.) Thursday 2/13 – Called and relayed all of my woes to a supervisor. She said she understood but her IT people can not decipher the error codes and it is happening to multiple applicants. She said IT’s recommendation was to…..create ANOTHER application. (@#$%$#@#$%). (We need catastrophic coverage so I have no other real option). We rolled thru the process one more time with me giving the answers before she asked the questions. This application resulted in me qualifying for Medicaid thru the sate of Maine (no previous application resulted in that) but that Maine Community Health was accepting no new applicants. The glitchy system states I am now exempt from the healthcare program (because of qualifying for Medicaid) and qualify for no tax credits or subsidies and will need to pay the full exhorbitant price of $700 per month for catastrophic (minimal) coverage. She passed me to a “Specialist” to see what they could do. Got disconnected from the Specialist and am now sitting here writing you this short note to you.

    I know many would have given up much sooner but I am nothing if not persistent and in my adult life have never been without some sort of health care so I will continue to try.

    Last note, not sure there’s anything you can do but felt I needed to share at the least with an empathetic ear.

    Thanks for your indulgence.

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